Sunday, 24 January 2016

Linguistic Matter

I landed shitfaced upon a curb, in a slurred stupor, I noticed I was sat slumped next to a tramp, 'How are you oldman' I uttered, 'Just like his oldman's back teeth' he nasally replied, 'always in decay.' He continued 'Never mine cu..' cutting short in mid-sentence he began to puke forth a greenish bile, and then projectily verbally formed words of pure matter! Sometimes fully formed sentences, at other times just black wet letters spewing forth, forming a broken lingual alphabetic soup in his lap and across pavement. A slimy incomprehensible problem of communication continued - the soft syntax rapidly again issued out, he began to rhythmically retch out a few strings of jellfied soft sentences. Fully formed, one read: What is wrong with this tale? The tramp's linguistic sick fell forth again! to my disgust, another, this time deformed sentence retched forth: MatTerTinTeTnal LIn-guIstIc - laApsUs LinGuVe. All the while, his neck expanded, his eyes rolled in his head as - syllable combinations of an disorderly vile vomit - made all the more words – matter, so to speak. A sick expulsion of syllables, a barfted up syntax and signification, communication - miscommuntion. And amonst the saussurean spew - multi-coloured formed words flecked across the icy gavel, now steaming: Cunt, Arsecandle, tWat, beLOved kunt, bastard and prickend. Then as quick as it began it stopped - the steaming semantic puke ceased.... I stared - in a riger-mortis horror, the mans jaw now broken - yellow spat out teeth, bulging burst eyes now just two oozing pink yokes, did however to cry aloud in a guttural growl - 'Fuck me I nearly fucking choked on my own words!"

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