Thursday, 20 October 2016

Special K

Psychedelically shit-faced,
giggling acetylcholically
pissed. Magic unfurls -
layers peeling back layers. - mythic multitasking,
manipulation, the meadows marching.
Wringing sweat - self-experimentation
unspeakable, unstable insight,
dimensionally formed module
constructions, horse shit - hay - the meadows
& unspeakable delight. The K
comes on in an orange fuzz.
A picture-within-a picture,
unfolding, endless profundity,
& this is only 5 minutes in.
Sepia flecked shade, yellow paved,
anaesthesia follow the meadows
morphs into a vast rational entity.
Speckled arabesque botanist peeps
into us - contact through the veil,
or an - amphetamine psychosis
forming foam slimy from
fabrication – fornication, broken
words. Liverish incubus, & the K unfurls
consciousness coiling, motor-functions
delayed - The inner body is meticulously
rendered - not just anatomically,
mentally shard crystalline – a voice: where're here!
PacMan has liberated himself from the machine.
The pills dissolve away, flesh
- white – slimy slug-gastropod -
jelly clinging to the flesh - worms tunnel,
& teeth like glass.
Non-electric signals replace
speech” now post-verbal,
renal troubles follow, the trees
cruelly mimicking motions.
A passion for mechanical things
a fearless loop. White dreamless
dreams follow lucidity, I lie
in bed racing through space.


  1. Fascinating portrayal of the Ketamine high - written with your usual flair Cal - kudos

  2. That's amazing! And wonderfully described.